Where have you been?  Do you know what time it is?  We were worried sick…

Never fear, dear listeners, OTL took a short summer break to catch up on some laundry, tend to the crops and finally complete the season 7 Barney Miller marathon that has been looming over all of our heads like an Acme anvil.  Having said all of that, you have a lot in store for you and you don’t even know it.  As always we will cover the latest and greatest in new music from this year (2012), talk about what has been on our radars recently, and also discuss random music related topics that are sure to make you giggle and squeal with giddiness and mirthful glee. There are also a few surprises coming your way.  So get ready.  Pack a bag, update your passport, hit the bathroom one last time, because when the Pork Chop Express rolls into your town, you better be ready to hitch a ride that’s running full speed and aimed with laser-guided fury directly at the heart of the crotch of your ears…


Greetings from the world of OTL. A lot has been going on lately, so sorry for the lack of blog updates.  If you have listened to show #9 (which you should have by now) you know that we have had to suffer through a couple of really big losses recently.  One we made public, the other we kept quietly to ourselves.  So this is a blogsclusive for you, dear listener.

The first bit you should already know, (((spoiler alert))) Freddie has decided to leave the show.  He wanted to spend more time with his wife and kids and really focus on his first true love, erotic unicycle riding.  The second bit of news, you may want to sit down for: Jon P. Uzzel has shaved his beard.  It’s not your fault.  They were just growing apart over the past few years.  It happens.  They promise to both love you equally and spend as much time as they can with you.  It may be a bit awkward at first, but over time you will see that it really is the best decision for them both.  And hey, look at it this way, now you get DOUBLE CHRISTMAS!

You know that feeling you got in the pit of your mind’s belly the first time you heard about the mash-up of The Wizard of Oz and the Dark Side of The Moon?  And when you actually experienced it for the first time you nearly wet your pants through to the bone?

Well, this is much like that, only like 92 times cooler.  If you think you can handle it then you should give this a try.  Play the 2 links below, starting them at the same time.  Your mind and your brain, may just get blown away.  (OTL Cast takes no responsibility for what may happen to you)

Back off!

See?  Pretty freakin’ rad huh?

Now try these two, starting them at the same time:

Back off!

I know, right? This shouldn’t work, but it totally does.

Now let’s see if you can come up with others.  Go to and then go to youtube or iTunes or whatever your preferred method for making sounds is and play something on top.  Post your creations below in the reply section.  Let the MAGIC begin… NOW!

Rock be with you,

There’s something to say about the psychology of a mob… the madness of a crowd.


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