The Cast


Jon P. Uzzel: If God himself had dug a giant hole in the Earth the size of the Grand Canyon and then filled it to the brim with a steamy broth made of music knowledge, trivia and obscure music factoids, that broth would be this man’s bath water…



Jason Noir: If there was a universe made up of nothing but music trivia, facts and obscure references, then that universe would be merely an atom under this man’s fingernail…



Freddie Arnold: If you were to take pure liquified hate, a bath mat made entirely out of Lucifer’s chest hair, warm ginger bread cookies, and a barrel of music knowledge, throw all of that into a giant food processor, hit frappe, take that liquid goo, inject it into a life-sized Chucky doll mold and roast it over the fires of Hell for 28 years… then, and only then, would you have the amazing Freddie Arnold…


punk monkey

KB: All around swell guy…


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